Title: The Old Man and The Pears 種梨
Year: 2016
Director: Sun, Jing




A weak and hungry old man begs for a pear from a fruit peddler, but the peddler refuses and rejects him.  A little boy bravely steps forward and spends his last coin to buy a pear for the old man. Finally, a magical form of justice emerges from the ground.














© 2016 - 2019 Sun, Jing





1. Honourable Mention in Devour! The Food Film Fest 2019


1. 最佳美术设计奖 第十三届五十六个月亮西部大学生动漫节 

    Best Art Design Award in The 13th FiftyMoon Western University Student Animation Festival (China)

2. 最佳动画片形象设计 第四届亚洲彩虹奖
Best Animation Design Award in the 4th Asia Rainbow Film Festival 2018

3. 最佳新人影片奖 提名  拉萨国际绿色电影周

    Best Novice Film Award (Nominee) in 2018 China International Green Film Week



1. People’s Choice Animation Award in 50th Humbildt Int’l Film

2. Silver Palm Award (Animation Competition) in 2017 Mexico International Film

3. Special Mention (Student Animated Movie) in 2017 Athens Animfest (Athens)

4. Audience Award Winners in 2017 Azores Fringe Festival (Madalena, Portugal)



1.1st Animation in 26th CSU Media and Art Festival (Los Angeles)

2. Award of Merit: Animation(Student Animation) in Accolade Global Film Competition     

3. Special Mention Award in 14th After Hours Say It In Eight Student Film Festival (Chicago)

4. 1st Place Animation in Golden Eagle Film Festival 2016 (Los Angeles)

5. 2nd Place Animation in 6th Highway 61 Film Week (Pine City, MN, USA)




1. Devour! The Food Film Fest 


1. REDCAT International Children’s Festival 2018 

2. 第四届亚洲彩虹奖

    The 4th Asia Rainbow Film Festival 2018

3. Maryland International Kids Film Fest (MIKFF) 

4. Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival- BAICFF2018


6. 21th Scribe Video Center's Street Movies! film festival

7. 17th HIROSHIMA 2018.  Japan 

8. International Kids Film Festival 2018 (India)

9. shortsIsighted by MCAETtv (Monterey County Office of Education)

10. Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 



1. 50th Humbildt’s Int’ Film Festival 

2. 13th ReFrame’s REELkids Film Festival

3. 12th Athen ANIMFEST

4. 11th Mexico International Film Festival

5. 8th International Film Festival Cinema of the Future Society, A-Fest Film

6. 第七届中国国际微电影节

7. 7th Cambodia International Film Festival 

8. 5th Short Film Break

9. 4th AzoreFringe Festival

10. 3rd MOV- InternationaL Student Film Festival of Pernambuco

11. 3rd Benicia Film Festival

12. 2nd Sunlight International Film Festival

13. 2nd BEST SHORT FEST 2017

14. 2nd Barcelona Planet Film Festival

15. 2nd Los Angeles CineFest

16. 第一届华时代全球短片电影节

17. GAZE: Frame by Haunted Frame Hosted by Artists' Television Access



1. 12th Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival (Hosted by LACMA in Los Angeles)

2. 16th Anchorage International Film Festival

3. 15th Festival Internazionale del Cinema d'Arte

4. 15th Anim!Arte – International Student Animation Festival of Brazil 

5. 11th Orlando Film Festival

6. 6th Kuandu International Animation Festival (China, Taiwan)

7. 5th Queen City Film Festival (QCFF)

8. 4th Woodland Film Festival 2016

9. 3rd FOOD FILM FEST 2016

10. 3rd The Glendale International Film Festival 2016

11. 2nd Martinique International Film Festival

12. 2nd CINECAFEST Central American Short Film festival

13. 1st Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation and Art Festival

14. 1st Lisbon International Film Festival 2016

15. 1st Venice Film Week 2016

16. 1st Mequinensa International Film Festival 2016

17. 2nd Animation Marathon

18. 2nd Festival de Cortometrahes “Jose Francisco Rosado” PACAS

19. 2nd Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

20. 1st Short Stop International Film Festival