Title: Prey 
Year: 2018
Director: Sun, Jing




As the ancient Chinese observed: “a mantis hunting the cicada unknowingly falls prey to the eyes of an oriole.”—- the most vivid view of humanity is best seen through lens of microscopic karma.















© 2018 - 2019 Sun, Jing








1. Distinction Award in Sound

    China Sound Academy 2019  

2. Distinction Award

    Animation Marathon by Art/European Animation Center

3. Best Animation, Art & Music

    Asians on Film World

4. Honorable Mention

    Florida Animation Film Festival

5. Award of Excellence

    The 17th Anim8 Student Film Festival by The After Hours Film Society

6. Award of Merit (Animation)

    The15th Accolade Global Film Competition

Official Selection & Screening


42. The 15th Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival


41. China International Micro-Film Festival

40. China Sound Academy 2019  

39. The 8th Silk Road International Film Festival 第八届丝绸之路国际电影节

38. China International Green Film Week 第十一届中国国际绿色电影周

37. The 9th Macau International Movie Festival 第九届澳门国际电影节

36. Shinjuku World Festival 2019 (Tokyo)

35. Recontres du Film d'Animation

34. Hyperfest International Student Film Festival 2019

33. Animation Marathon 2019

32. The 17th Anim8 Student Film Festival by The After Hours Film Society

31. The 7th Chania Film Festival

30. Panama Animation Festival

29. Lanterna Mágica - International Animation Festival

28. The 11th ReAnimania Int. Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan

27. The18th Clones Film Festival Short Fiction, Animation & Documentary                      Competition (Finalist)
26. Crossing The Screen 2019

25. Supernova Digital Animation Festival

24. Open World Animation Fest 2019

23. The 20th Fine Cut Festival of Films (Finalist)

      by Public Media Group of Southern California

22. Kadoma International Film Festival (大阪)

21. Little Chicago Downtown Music and Arts Festival

20. The 15th Overmountain Animation Festival

19. Short Film Breaks

18. Mulan International Film Festival 木兰国际电影节

17. Palm Springs International Shortfest

16. HBC微电影周/ HBC Short Film week (Shanghai)

15. Asians on Film World 2020 (Nominee)

14. The 52nd Humboldt Int'l Film Fest (Finalist)

13. The 9th Cambodia International Film Festival

12. The 15th Accolade Global Film Competition

11. HISFF.10城书店放映计划


9. Bronx World Film Cycle, Summer 2019 

8. Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2019

7. Florida Animation Film Festival

6. The 7th La Guarimba Film Festival 

5. Animaze - Montreal International Animation Film Festival

4. Animation Day in Cannes 

3. Festival de Cannes - Short Film Corner

2. The 14th Athens Animfest

1. The 7th Animation Dingle


3. Los Angeles CineFest 2018

2. 2018 Hua International Short Film Festival 华时代全球短片节 

1. The 9th SHORT to the Point