Title: Man Meets Woman
Year: June, 2014
Director: Dmitry Geller




A film about love between a man and a woman.




Senior animator




1. Grand Prix. Best animation film. Festival "WINDOW TO EUROPE" Vyborg. 

2. Prize of the Guild of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists Russia. "SUZDAL" 

3. 2nd place in professional rating. Festival "SUZDAL" 

4. "Special mention jury" in the best short film category. WFAF. Varna.Bulgaria 

5. Prize "the Best director". Tofuzi. Georgian 

6. "Special mention jury". Festival "INSOMNIA" 


1. The winner of the Art director (Anna Karpova). National Animation Award "Ikar" 

2. The winner of the Composer (Artem Fadeev). National Animation Award "Ikar" 

3. The winner of the Sound director (Artem Fadeev). National Animation Award "Ikar" 

4. The winner of the Producer (Lyubov Gaidukova). National Animation Award "Ikar" 

5. Best film for adults. Festival "TINDIRINDIS" Lithuania. 

6. Jury Diploma for expressive style and passion of cinema. Festival «KROK»